14th ecoMEDIA-europe conference Topics:
Creativity & Innovation on the following
● Technology Enhanced Teaching/Learning (TEL) and Educational Policies
E-school administration
School Nets
Collaborative Learning Environments (Learning Management Systems – LMS)
ICTs in teaching towards greater inclusion
Use of ICTs and automations for pupils with special educational needs
Mobile Teaching/learning
Safety issues for the school network/Internet
Open Technologies / Open Data in Education (e.g. Robotics with Raspberry PI and Python) and Administration (e.g. Mahara)
Open Schools for Open Societies (OSOS) – Positive impact of education on local community

● Media in Education: New trends
Media literacy (e.g. news crosscheck and fake news) & research
Lifelong learning in the media society
Community Radio Broadcasting and Education
Communication and Presentation Technologies
Digital Storytelling
ICT in pre-school education (kindergarten)
Web 2.0 & Education

● Innovative and creative teaching and learning environments/approaches
Computational Thinking
Educational Robotics
Flipped classroom
ICT-based language learning (e.g. e-CLIL)
Gaming/gamification in education
E assessment
Distance Learning and Training
Educational software/hardware evaluation
Enhanced / virtual / mixed Reality
Productive learning – Connection to entrepreneurship
Vocational Education
Industry 4.0 for everyone – attempt of implementation at vocational school
Concept of a smart factory for vocational training
Future of Work
How ICT can support innovation in Vocational Education
Developing the Young Workforce
Flexible Learning in modern society
The future trends for training in Additive Manufacturing (3D printing)
Any kind of good practice which may not entirely fit in the above topics but constitutes an innovation and reinforces creativity in the 21st. century school.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Evangeline Harris

Associate Professor, Ed.D, and Research Fellow in Boston University, the US

Professor Hans Hummel

Associate Professor, PhD, in Welten Institute: Research Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the Open University (OUNL) of the Netherlands

Professor Manolis Wallace

Assistant Professor, PhD, in the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications of the University of Peloponnese. His research interests lie in the meeting of semantics & uncertainty with extensions to information retrieval, data mining, personalization, cultural informatics and smart cities